NorthWest Hip Hop – What Has It Become?

I wasn’t going to address this in any way shape or form, but given some recent events that have caused an even deeper negative stigma against the hip hop scene in the NorthWest, I cannot continue to hold my tongue. I’m ashamed to be a part of something right now that is seemingly so negative its pushing away fans, investors, and supporters alike.

What happened to the “good day feel” that Cordell of Nine Side was once quoted in saying when referring to the NorthWest Hip Hop scene? When did it become cool to degrade other people for personal gain? At what point did being “gangster” or “hard” become a sought out way of life? I’m confused, maybe y’all can fill in the blanks for me. Long ago I decided I was going to make a positive difference in my community through my music, but you have no idea how hard that has become for me when hip hop venues in my own city won’t book me for a show in fear that there will be a fight, or worse, someone die.  Five years ago when I started my career, it was easier to find a venue with no records released than it is today with a record that’s available World Wide. Tell me there isn’t something wrong with that.

I feel like today my following is larger than it ever has been and continues to grow. However, the bigger I get, it seems the speed bumps I have to climb exponentially increase in size as well. I used to hop right on over them, now it’s like an all day hike! Maybe it comes with the territory, who knows, but I do know that if any of us artists want to succeed in our career that it’s going to be twice as hard as it already is if we continue to act like idiots. Stay positive, stand for something you can be proud of, help others overcome their struggles, do this music because it’s your passion, not for a popularity race.

So where do I stand? What’s my next move? Where do I see myself going as we creep into 2012? It’s simple, I will remain true to myself and my fans. Through my actions and my words I’ll remain positive and hopeful for a successful career in this music industry. In 2012 I plan on giving back to the community I live in as much as possible through community service, youth guidance, and participate in as many charitable events as I can. My ultimate goal, with the help of my sister who has a Masters in Non Profit Administration, is to start a foundation called Musicians For Youth America. The goal of the foundation will be to help kids take steps toward a positive future, keep them off the street, away from drugs, and in schools or studios where their minds have the opportunity to grow. The foundation will provide scholarships for kids who aim to have a career in music and would like to go to school for music, or would like to create in a studio where they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the fee’s associated with that.

I’ll be linking up with influential artists, DJ’s, promoters, investors, and businesses around the country who I believe will have a positive influence on today’s youth by giving them a role model we’d all like to have our kid’s look up to. Public speaking to schools, detention centers, churches, youth clubs, etc., will be a major part of the foundation.

So what do I make of the current state of hip hop music in the NorthWest? I think it needs a make over, someone to take the initiative to clean up the image, and a group effort by all of the aspiring artists in this region to make this happen. Will it? Who knows, but you have my word that I’ll do my part!