Why am I so determined to make it in the industry?

Have you ever been or known a person who always did whatever they were told they couldn’t? You do now. That’s me, from a youngster walking into the house with muddy shoes, to throwing a curve ball with a 3 and 0 count, to emerging as a rap artist hailing from Missoula, MT, I’ve always walked with my shoes tied together.

One might think I do this for the attention, or the money, but to them I say “You don’t know me”! The formula is simple to me and science to others. I was raised with high expectations of being successful in my life which is what I credit my resilience to. I truly believe that what I’m attempting to do may be one of the hardest things any person could do. Hey, if it was easy we’d all be doing it right? Living in Missoula, MT and being a rapper makes things even more difficult. Especially when everybody who is trying to accomplish the same thing seems to be going against each other. Sure we’re all “friends” and are willing to help each other out when we can, but when it comes down to it, I’ve noticed that we all have our own well being in sight. And rightfully so, I don’t know any of us that has had someone truly looking out for us this whole time so it comes down to the fact that we’ve adapted to what we know.

All ego’s aside, I’ve decided within myself that I want to help others achieve their dreams and goals. This becomes very difficult when I myself am trying to grow as an artist. I’ve studied the art of mixing music to allow myself to not only create a better sound, but to make a living from it as well. I’ve opened my studio to the public and have invited anyone to come record who’s willing to take it as serious as I have. Where the problem lies is most people expect things to come for free. Do you think the studio was free when I bought it? Or the time and effort I’ve put into mastering the art? That is why I said I’ve invited anyone who’s WILLING TO TAKE IT AS SERIOUS AS I HAVE. I know that if someone is willing to pay for their art, they are worth investing my time into. It’s not my goal to steer anyone away from the art that’s ultimately saved my life, it’s really my goal to give people an avenue to achieve. To me achievement is satisfaction you get from something you’ve not only worked hard for, but been open to learning about and investing in.

If or when I reach the pinnacle of my career and can afford to do so, my goal is to give back to not only the community I live in, but the hip hop culture as a whole. I’d like to open studio’s around the country and offer discounted rates so people have a place to create. To me, if I can save someones life by putting them into a studio and off of the street, God’s purpose for me has been fulfilled. Likewise if I can create music and exploit a positive message that others can relate to I’ve given them an outlet in which they may never have had. It seems like nobody every wants to listen. We always want to talk. I’ve noticed that in conversations a lot of people just “wait their turn” to speak. If I can capture a listener and touch on topics they can relate to then hopefully they’ll be able to reflect within themselves (their best listener) and better their life. This of course isn’t going to be the case all the time, but again, if I can help even one person through a problem they may have through my music, then ultimately God’s purpose for me has been fulfilled.

You’ll notice I talk about God sometimes in my posts on Facebook and Twitter but don’t let it confuse you for me trying to push Him onto you. It’s simply a matter of me expressing my own personal belief. Believe what you want, that is of course our right.  That said, having the gift of words and voice wasn’t discovered within myself for the first 18 years of my life, but now that I’ve found it, it makes perfect sense that this is what God wants me to do. Now, I could waste the talent and talk about negative stuff all the time, or I can go a more positive route. You all know what I picked. Hopefully one day it’ll start catching traction and we’ll all look back and say “I remember when the blogs started, I remember the first music video, I remember the first concert.” Well guys, I’ll always remember why I’m doing this.