Social Media Says Goodbye To One Of Montana’s Pioneers #WeLoveClint

With great sadness I am writing this blog. It took me a few days as it’s been tough to gather my thoughts around the event of a good friend and coworker of mine passing away Sunday, Dec. 11th after a tough battle with testicular cancer.

Clint Miller, a father, a friend, a visionary, community leader, and great role model, influenced my career thus far quite a bit actually. Clint was mostly known for his online presence in the realty world on Twitter (@TheRealClint), Active Rain, Facebook, and the blogs he wrote for Real Estate Pipeline. To me he was just a friend. A friend who believed in me, one who supported my career more than most. Always eager to show me the next big thing in Social Media, he taught me about how to gain a following on the online networks. I always admired and envied the fact that he had such a large following, always asking “how the hell are you doing that!?”.

Each morning when I’d arrive at my office for work around 8 AM, Clint was at his desk already an hour or more deep into work. Two monitors, and every social network I can think of open on both, a blog for the day already written, and agents ready to sign up for our service. I admired him. His kind heart, open mind, and extreme work ethic.

Clint left behind a great family who has supported him through every tough decision regarding his battle with cancer. It saddens me that they lost such a great father and husband. As a way to give back, I’ve recorded and released on iTunes a tribute song about Clint called “Thank You For The Memories”. If you care to give back to a family who has been through an extreme emotional roller coaster this year, every dollar earned from the song purchased on iTunes will be donated to his family. Click the below link to get the song.

God Bless #WeLoveClint

“Thank You For The Memories” On iTunes